The Planman was written by Stuart Hepburn and starred Robbie Coltrane and Celia Imrie.  Set in Glasgow it tells the story of Jack Lennox (Coltrane) a brilliant lawyer who becomes irritated by the stupidity of the the criminals he represents in court.  Declaring that the perfect crime only requires planning, he sets about proving it.

When his bank robbery plan is a big success Lennox finds himself drawn into an exciting but illegal world as a criminal mastermind.  The stakes are high and to save himself he has to come up with a plan to capture the top 4 criminal gangs in the UK.

Gary had a very prominent role in The Planman and also delivers 2 lines.  He plays a uniformed PC and also goes undercover as a street sweeper.


                     Gary, front right, enters Shields Road underground station in pursuit of the robbers


                     Gary, front right, discovers that the criminals are no longer on the platform


                          Gary spots the criminals on the tracks and alerts his fellow officers " Down here, Sarge"         


                            The criminals give the police the slip.  The cops emerge slightly worse for wear.           


                   Gary is helped back onto the platform




                             Gary's character looked much less battered and bruised than some of his colleagues!


                          Gary goes undercover as a street cleaner


                      Gary is with the broom


                            Gary receives a message from HQ - he replies "Delta here, 08.55, quiet as a grave. Over"


              Waiting for something big to go down

                     The Planman was a Carlton Production for ITV