The hidden camera show that saw ordinary members of the public in some extraordinary situations!

Craig and Gary feature in Series 2 as a couple of builders.  To set the scene - the location was Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow's City Centre which features a church that is accessible on foot from all sides.  Craig and Gary appeared on the street dressed as builders with a measuring tape, one passed the end of the tape to a member of the public and walked around the corner - the other would then appear 10 seconds later making it appear that he's been all around the building in that time!

This was a credited performance. Craig and Gary's names are listed in the show's cast list that features in the credits at the end of the show.

Many thanks to Wild Rover Productions for the use of this photo of Craig and Gary

The 'wind up' starts with Gary.

Gary handed the end of the tape to an unsuspecting passerby and disappeared around one side of the building....................

.......Craig appeared from other side of building with the end of the tape that Gary left with!

The response from the helpful members of the public was fantastic........

.......especially when they realised what had happened!

Seeing Double!

Just For Laughs was a Wild Rover Production for the BBC